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Statement Of Quality Policy

Strategic Professional Resources, Inc. (SPR) is dedicated and committed to providing our customers with high quality products and services. SPR employees are regularly briefed on the importance of providing "quality products" to SPR's customers. SPR's Quality Assurance Program (QAP) has processes to ensure the performance of services and the creation of product deliverables are complete, correct, and of acceptable quality.

SPR has successfully used an Integrated Team Process (ITP) for servicing contracts. This QAP augments and integrates the ITP practices as SPR ensures quality support while meeting and exceeding Government requirements.

Our current QAP concentrates on the following principles:
  • Customer focus
  • Process approach
  • System approach to management
  • Continual improvement of Product or Service
  • Measurement

Employees are trained and knowledgeable of our QAP and fully support SPR's Vision of being "the premier provider of technical and professional solutions" while supporting our customers and their programs.

Employees will receive QAP training on a recurring basis to support their efforts in understanding and meeting customer requirements. As SPR creates or updates processes, procedures, and measurements into our existing system, employees will receive formal training through classroom or self-study activities to ensure all of our employees deliver top quality products and services to their customers on a continuing basis.

Many of our employees are retired military members and veterans who can relate to their Government customers and fully understand their requirements and expectations. SPR's quality standards and expectations are re-emphasized at regularly scheduled staff meetings designed to discuss completed work products and services.

Quality is the keystone of every SPR product and service. SPR employees are always vigilant to ensure customer requirements are consistently fulfilled. In addition, our employees are focused on continuously improving the QAP processes and procedures in support of customer satisfaction and mission success.

SPR's Commitment

Quality is ultimately measured by customer satisfaction, and our employees are unequivocally committed to ensuring all customer deliverables are correct, complete, and of outstanding quality.

SPR recruits, hires, and retains highly-skilled professionals, and we have consistently exceeded all Government requirements and received "Exceptional" ratings on all five Contractor Performance Assessment Reports (CPAR) received in all categories where the Government assessed performance as anything other than satisfactory/unsatisfactory. In the Compliance category, where the Government assessed performance as either satisfactory or unsatisfactory, SPR received a satisfactory rating.

SPR stands ready to continue providing this level of exceptional quality work to our customers ensuring the successful execution of current and future objectives. As we have proven through many years of exceptional service to our customer's needs, SPR regards customer satisfaction as a paramount component to customer and mission success.


SPR continues to operate its QAP as a process approach. Our processes have defined objectives, inputs, outputs, activities, and resources. SPR's processes continue to be analyzed, monitored, measured, and refined on a regular basis. The processes we utilize apply to our customers, and our processes ensure each customer receives the highest quality deliverables.

SPR utilizes the following quality assurance measures to ensure continuous improvement:
  • A highly trained, professional staff.
  • Documenting outlines and templates for deliverables.
  • Weekly review of status on tasks and deliverables.
  • Routine meetings with staff and the task Project Leader to review schedules, risks, and problem areas.
  • Templates monitoring, assessing, and reporting status of each task/deliverable (supports minimization of defects impacting deliverables, data, and materials and ensures defects are identified and corrected before product/service is delivered).
  • Defined Responsibilities.
  • Personnel have equipment and applicable data to accomplish tasks, including applicable statutes, regulations, policies, procedures, etc., associated with the tasks and deliverables.
  • Feedback from staff on process modifications, issues, and concerns.

Roles And Responsibilities

The overall responsibility for ensuring all customer quality requirements are satisfactorily met rests on the shoulders of the assigned task Project Leader. Each employee, to include the Project Leader, is held responsible for fully implementing the details of SPR's QAP.

Compliance With SPR's QAP

SPR has a detailed strategy for ensuring quality products are promptly delivered, services are continually assessed, and both are improved upon on a priority basis. Under SPR's current QAP, the following apply:

Contract Review
Management and staff must have a clear and detailed understanding of customer requirements and tasks throughout the contract period.

Quality Planning
Quality planning will occur on a continuing basis and as needed to reflect appropriate verification and validation of SPR processes and services, and to provide for their continuous improvement throughout the life of the support effort.

Identification of Resources
Detailed knowledge of our customer's requirements ensures SPR continues to supply the right resources with the right skills to support requirements.

Process Control
SPR works with the appropriate Government task managers and customers to identify value added processes currently meeting Government expectations and those processes requiring necessary updates. SPR has successfully worked with the Government in the ITP structure, and a similar process will be used to ensure future success.

Internal Audit
SPR's Project Leader, and other assigned staff, will monitor activities to ensure our QAP supports the ongoing efforts of our customers.

Management Review
The SPR Project Leader, or other appointed manager, will conduct management reviews against the requirements of this plan. When necessary, results of this review will be briefed to senior management.

Corrective and Preventive Actions
The SPR Project Leader's goal is to prevent issues before they arise. In the rare instance corrective actions are necessary, they will be made quickly. When necessary, corrective actions will be documented in the employee's personnel file and they will be forwarded to the appropriate SPR supervisor. Follow-on audits will verify these corrective actions were properly implemented to the customer's satisfaction and remain active.

Integrated Team Process (ITP)

The ITP is an opportunity for SPR and the Government customer to raise issues, new requirements, and potential changes to existing requirements. This ongoing process complements the SPR QAP by providing a formal discussion forum. Information provided during the ITP can be a conduit to ensure SPR is informed and appropriate actions are taken. The ITP is not meant as the only communication avenue. SPR understands issues can occur at any time and is prepared to act immediately if warranted.

Standards Of Performance

Quality is an SPR cornerstone which also emphasizes customer satisfaction. SPR works very closely with our customers and reviews contract requirements on a regular basis to ensure our staff's performance is meeting customer requirements. If a situation develops where any personnel, and/or their skill set, is identified as needing improvement, SPR will ensure the necessary training is provided to ensure all broad and specific customer requirements are met or exceeded.

Transition Activities

SPR fully understands its responsibilities to ensure a smooth transition when taking over or turning over contract duties. SPR routinely utilizes pre-performance briefings and pre-transition briefings to verify mutual understanding, agreement, and cooperation moving forward.


SPR has a robust security program that highlights the protection of our customers' classified and unclassified assets. Our personnel are trained in the various nuances of creating, safeguarding, and protecting classified and unclassified sensitive information. SPR accepts full responsibility for the protection and security of all Government property, equipment, software, and related items provided to us or to which we have access. SPR is fully aware of the increased risks associated with controlling information technology, particularly web-based communications. All SPR personnel receive the proper security training on policies and procedures for the customer's operating environment. SPR Personnel will receive additional training, as needed, including Annual DoD refresher training, initial and refresher NATO briefings, protection of sensitive information, and other training as required in the performance of assigned duties. SPR follows all appropriate policies and procedures for the protection of sensitive information and will develop or modify internal processes to ensure compliance.

Personal Services Avoidance

Through ITP communication, SPR will have initial discussions regarding customer requirements. If tasks in the PWS/SOW require more detail, the Project Leader works with the Government point of contact for the task to clarify and reach an agreement. After review and final agreement of the PWS/SOW by the Government point of contact and SPR Project Leader, the document is accepted and considered final. SPR understands the customer oversees all activities, but SPR will make all efforts in conjunction with the customer to ensure only PWS/SOW tasks are being performed and no work beyond those tasks is being performed.


SPR informs every member of its staff, and reiterates it at quarterly SPR meetings, that only the Contracting Officer is authorized to direct changes to the finalized PWS/SOW. SPR personnel will ensure any requests for changes are forwarded immediately to the on-site SPR Project Leader, and they will work with the Contracting Officer, Contracting Officer's Representative (COR), and SPR's senior staff to process changes.

Through operation of this Quality Control Plan, and in conjunction with the Government's ITP approach, SPR will consistently deliver quality services while meeting and exceeding customer requirements.

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